Bosendorfer 225 Very Unique

Updated April 23, 2013
We have for sale a very special and unique Bosendorfer 225 grand piano.  The Bosendorfer 225 has been considered by many pianists to be the finest piano model in the world.  It is about 7′ 4″ in length and among most brands their piano models over 7 feet are their most prized and highest rated.  This is the size which piano professors seek for their studios, the smaller concert stages and their churches.  A 7 ft. piano has the length to have the finest bass and touch as well as power and responsiveness.  This model of Bosendorfer is unique in that it has an extra 4 bass keys.  These extra keys add width to the soundboard and allow the bass section of the piano to have extra clarity and beauty as well as power.  This piano has genuine ivory keys which currently only the most expensive pianos have with custom order as a very high priced extra.  The extra bass keys are finished in genuine ebony wood as all of the sharp keys have.  This piano makes a statement as being the very finest in the world.  Only a handful of these fine pianos are made each year. There are only a few hundred in all of the world.
Bosendorfer uses the finest materials and hand workmanship to create one of the very few most sought after brands which is valued as the very finest as well as among the most expensive.  Bosendorfer uses a wider tail and unique spruce rim and lid construction to create a tone which is much richer, clear, and colorful than most brands– including Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Yamaha, and famous European brands such as Bechstein, Hamburg Steinway, and Sauter among others.  This piano has the latest Bosendirfer redesign of the 225 to include many newer features.
Three years ago the store owner, Jordan Gary, had this piano extensively upgraded to play and sound like no other Bosendorfer 225.  This was rebuilt and upgraded for the owners wife.  Now she wants to sell this and buy a custom made Steingraeber (with a more custom cabinet instead of ebony.)

Bosendorfer 225 Customizied

Three years ago, the action was completely replaced with parts from Bosendorfer and was redesigned and rebalanced and upgraded by the Stanwood Precision Touch system. The famous technician Dale Probst, who was the president of the Piano Technicians Guild at the time, did the extensive work.  The piano now has a faster and lighter action than new Bosendorfers.  This is the same work that the world class pianist and performer Garrick Ohlsson had done on his Bosendorfer.  This replacement and upgrade cost many thousands. Read more here.  In this process 3lbs. or lead weights were removed from the keys and now the piano plays faster and easier.
At the same time the new Bosendorfer hammers were voiced to be brighter and to have more presence than Bosendorfers come with.  This voicing must be done on new hammers to arrive at the unique sound and tone of this piano.  So this piano plays and sounds like no other Bosendorfer.  A Bosendorfer trained technition could easily soften the hammers and make this piano sound like traditional Bosendorfers.  Currently the bass sound is as expected from this wonderful piano.  The mid range and treble is brighter with more presence due to the harder hammers, which is how they come for the factory.  Please know that once hammers are softened it is involved and temporary to harder them.  Lacquer is used.  I would be happy to explain all of this to you over the phone.

Compare this piano with any piano in the world and any Bosendorfer and see if you do not love this piano more with its unique action and tone.  Bosendorfer 225s have a list price of $140,000 and a selling price of much more than $100,000.  Imagine you can buy this piano for only $59,950.  Hurry before this is sold.

3 thoughts on “Bosendorfer 225 Very Unique

  1. Yes it is still for sale. My wife loves it and it is in our home. We would sell it for a couple of reasons. We would love to go to Europe and buy a piano with a fancier case, and it is great fun to custom order a piano in Europe at the factory. But his piano is great and less than half of a new piano in price. Call me and we can talk about it. 940-867-7802

  2. THE PIANO IS STILL FOR SALE. It is truly a wonderful piano that looks like new, it has full Bosendorfer parts when the action was replaced and updated to the improved Stanwood custom design action where weighting and key rations were improved. The pianos saw originally built in the 1980s. It is the latest and current Bosendorfer 225 design. So you can save 50% in price and get a better Bosendorfer.

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