International Pianos selling at a big Discount

We have closed our store in Plano,TX and moved our inventory to Wichita Falls, TX.  We still have a small selection of  pianos which we will sale at wholesale prices.   These include pianos from Young Chang, Hailun, and Yamaha (Kemble)..

Please call Jordan Gary on his cell phone about these pianos.  940-867-7802

We have some new 48″ vertical pianos form Young Chang and Hailun which we are willing to sell for wholesale.  These are professional quality pianos are entry level prices.

The most wonderful piano that we currently is a new Kemble Grand Piano which is made by Yamaha.

Please note that we are very close friends with several piano stores that can supply many more pianos and brands.   Please contact us with your desires.

If you are interested in a used Steinway, we have a very large selection nearby. then please call us.